A Brief Note for the Rejected College Applicant

To the ones who didn’t get into their first-choice college:


It sucks, and there’s no way around that. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that. You worked hard in high school, overcame extraordinary circumstances, hit highs and lows, and now find yourself wondering what went wrong. The truth is… you didn’t do anything wrong.

You went through high school the best way that you could under your specific circumstances. Your college did not reject you because they thought you weren’t “smart enough” or “good enough.” They received many applications and had to accept the students they thought would be the best fit in their community.

It is not a judgement of you, but rather an inference as to how you would do at their college.

A rejection letter is not game over. For one, there are plenty of schools that would love to have you there. If you feel so inclined, go back and apply to more. Apply to safety schools in order to get merit scholarships. Take advantage of rolling admissions. Also, you can always apply to transfer into your "dream school" if you aren’t happy at the college you attend.

A rejection letter is not game over.

A college degree from any institution is good.

You are good.

Just breathe.

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