A Letter To You

Dear, You

When love turns into hate, it is like swallowing lava, when my love turned to hate, the love which I thought would be everlasting for you melted from my heart. I’ve felt you knock the wind from my lungs with only a word. I am your creation crafted and coddled like a vase made from a broken mold. One that was supposed to be filled with your love and like a stone abandoned in the vast sea in which I sink and am crushed. Your keen grasp wraps and twists around my neck as you fill me with empty words that rot into lies and wait with those dull brown eyes that are a hole of nothingness. They wait for me to reply as this wall that I’ve created so deftly yet so unyielding in protecting my calloused heart in my vacant chest. It gradually succumbs, and it crumbles as I grow wry. But don’t misunderstand I shall convert into my true self and build. While you remain an unchanging poison that works slowly yet surely until there is nothing left. Now I abandon the person I once was before I understood what you were, today I’ll sit and watch you crumble.

Sincerely, No one

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