A Love Poem Forgotten

My love,

I feel cold worse now since you.

I rely completely on

your face pressed into my neck,

your hand tracing lines on my thighs.  

Trace the shape of snowflakes

and only stop once you’ve

exhausted every possibility.

Until then,

Continue your habit of scaring me

before allowing me to feel the safest I ever have.

Give me one more excuse to fall into you,

to fall for you.

Somehow you’ve become who I care for,

completely and solidly,

in so short a time I’m afraid you may not believe me.

Believe me now as I say,

I have every intention of kissing each beauty mark.

Of memorizing each detail.

You will be someone I remember,

A memory I smile at in the years to come.


©2018 The Magnificent Musings.

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