Colorful Princess

Your marble-like beautiful eyes,

Holds the magnitude of a black hole.

You cause their eyes to dilate,

You are anything but ordinary.

The thick coat of hair sprouting on you figure,

Is only a robe,

You are royalty.

And your unibrow,

Is a gift that connects yourself to your ethnicity,

a bridge between two worlds.

And yes, even though every love song involves blue eyes comparing them to the ocean,

You can be compared to the magic, the treasure, the gold deep in the abyss where no one can reach.

The pride and confidence instilled within yourself,

Makes you radiant.

So, wear your crown made up of the spices in your kitchen,

The chai that delivers warmth in your bones,

and the treasure that is your culture.

Twirl around, imagining that your in a bollywood film,

Dancing in your shalwar kameez, dupatta, or sari,

with the rich color of henna decorated on your bare skin.

Stand in front of the tall, vintage mirror,

and admire the art of a Goddess that you are.

Because you princess, are more beautiful and blessed than you realize.

Live in the palace of your roots and never leave.

Your pride is the magnet to the gardens, oceans , and skies at sunrise.

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