Instructions for Heartbreak

Step 1. Read the following.

I am on my own now

I will take no more

I am entirely lost

don't even try to convince me

there's a life beyond you

broken, lonely, and finished

there were times when I was not

everything you wanted me to be

I was crushed under the weight of

my failures as a lover

you carefully focused on

the little I had left to give

you eagerly took away

my pain and suffering

even then, you loved

every moment of it

I wish I could take back

heartbreak I caused you, and

I concede that there was

some good in me

but that was then. there is

nothing left anymore

I almost believed that I had

some way to move on

but there is

not a thing I can do about it

this is the end

Step 2. Read backwards.

Step 3. Who really knows what to do next? Keep breathing, you'll be fine.

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