The sun disappears behind his own receding brightness.

The clouds forgive the closest star they can. What comes next isn’t his fault.

They’re just running out of time.

They forgot how to miss him.

They were too busy saying “stay” to say “bye.”

It’s happening too fast.

The remains of his deep peach reach follow him to the end of the horizon.

Where day becomes dusk and night becomes unbearable.

It’s beautiful… just… different.

I miss him.

But he’ll be back when the oceans move miles and miles

When the moon backs away just a little more and then back again.

Then he’ll be back.

And we can do it all over again.

But maybe it'll be better

If he just stays there

Shining on the other side of the Earth.

Each of us in the half we belong.

And I’ll keep the memories

Wither though they will.

Not how I want it to be

But how it should be.

So I’ll scour in the night your absence created.

And I’ll take control of this world you lent me.

After all, the dark is much less fearsome once you realize you’re a part of it.

So enjoy the last flickers of a streetlamp with maintenance long overdue.

And most importantly...

Good night.

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