Pain Is My God.

Them and me

The smell of home

Though I don’t know what this means

They were my favorite things

Time and love

Were things I could spend

Then the untamed madness came

And a storm raged within.

Waiting and Disappointment

The taste of pain,

They were what I despised

Being left alone

Was the only thing,

That made me cry.

A splinter of hopelessness

Buried deep within

Always wishing to hide

Is what I came to be

The shame of it being known,

I couldn’t bear the thought of it

The madness had seeped

Deep Into my bones

It invaded my heart

Crushing any light

Craving for me to die

To let it consume.

The dread sunk in

The rain became hate

trees blew shame

The sun was dull

And angels cried

My heart had died.

In the silence

My hands intertwined

I cried to the sky:

I am hurting inside

And I don’t know why.

I don’t know how

But it answered that day

I was given hope

The pain deep inside,

That had become my god

Would die.

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