I'm a new, priceless pair of dangling chandelier earrings,

My worth will blind you.

I'm the five inch heels that give the ground an applause,

The crackling taps you hear, is the noise of dignity and confidence.

My aura is enriched with the aromas of sweet sunflowers and trembling roses,

My scent is enchanting, you will follow me.

My skin is the feeling of untouched feathers with the combination of a prickling stab of a cacti,

I am a gentle warrior, my touch is a surge of power.

The sweet taste of berries and the sour blast of a pineapple,

My emotions are free, I say and do as I please.

My words of enrichment will mute your ambivalent thoughts.

Most importantly:

I am a strong, modest, insane and yet divine creature of the universe.

I am perfectly, imperfect.

My confidence will empower you.

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