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About Ashley

Ashley is an undergraduate student at UNC Chapel Hill with a passion for writing, literature, theatre, and 60s music. You can usually find her in the dining hall, with her friends (in the dining hall), or with her girlfriend. She is currently studying Journalism and Communications with a minor in Dramatic Art. Follow Ashley to keep up with her latest thought pieces on sexuality, mental health, the arts, and more!

Fun facts!

  • Ashley's favorite bands are The Beatles, Queen, The Mamas and the Papas, and The Seekers.

  • Ashley admires the work of Sarah Ruhl. Some of her other dramatists of choice include Paula Vogel (who she hugged!) and Bertolt Brecht (who she didn't hug).

  • She's touched the outside of the Titanic.

  • Ashley grew up on Long Island.

  • Her favorite musicals include Hello, Dolly!, Threepenny Opera, and The Music Man (with Barbara Cook, of course).

Ashley Curry
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