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Welcome to my profile! I am a current senior at the UNC Chapel Hill studying quantitative biology, minoring in music and chemistry. When I'm not chugging away with my studies, I work at Carolina Performing Arts as a production and audio technician, designing, operating, and recording a wide variety of live events.

I am a musician in my free time, taking every opportunity that I can to compose, record, and perform, alone and collaboratively. I am always looking for creative-minded people to collaborate with, musically and otherwise, so please reach out to me if you'd like to chat!

I am here at The Magnificent Musings to write about life, love, and exploration. I am young, but I have learned a great deal throughout my short existence here on Earth. I hope to share these lessons with anyone who may listen, so that we may all learn and grow from each other.

Kauner Michael
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